Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Getting with the program

Alright, I've been a bit lax about posting anything lately. There have been instances when I'm just overcome with so much wedding stuff that I don't know where to start writing. Other times there's been such deep turmoil about various issues that I just hunker down and stew about an it, without writing. And then there's been life, with nothing at all to do with weddings.

But I'm resolving to do better. I plan to post three times a week, on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. And I'm even thinking about having a type of subject for each day of the week. Tuesdays would be about things specific to my wedding, Thursdays about more global wedding issues, and Sundays would be more like an idea brainstorm. Of course, I'm more concerned about posting regularly than making sure that each post fits the theme for that day of the week, so we'll see. Anyway, get ready for another post, because one's coming soon!

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