Thursday, April 22, 2010

I can see clearly now

The rain is gone. So is the fog. We now have a distinct vision of what our wedding reception is going to be like. And how did this epiphany come to us? We finally made a decision on the caterer.

Of course, it was sort of a default decision since the other caterer bailed on us, but it was so reassuring nonetheless. By figuring out what type of food we are having (barbecue) we've been able to figure out the other elements we want in order to set the right type of mood. Since we're going with more casual food, we know we want to do linen tablecloths and real dishes so that the feel doesn't become too informal. But it's also gone a good way to set the mood as a sort of laidback but classy function, making sure that some don't think of the wedding as too "snooter" while others don't think of it as too "low class."

So now that we've got the vision, full steam ahead on making decisions!


  1. Oh the fine line between snooter (great word) and low class (kinda hate this term). Such a tricky place.

  2. I know. I'm not too fond of the term "low class" myself but couldn't think of the "snooter" equivalent for that term. And my fiance gets all the credit for snooter. It's his word. :)